How to Get an Auto Loan!

If you need to buy a new or used car and for this you need a loan, with us you can get what you are looking for! The auto loan offered by Isocredit will allow you to get new liquidity and you can repay it up to 120 months. For more information and a free quote, fill out the form above, we will contact you immediately! Once your request has been defined, the result will be immediate.


With a global company report it is possible to obtain a car loan. But we need to know that only employees and retirees can get a car loan with a global company signal visible in the database.

This happens because with a global company report, any request for a personal loan would be rejected, as all the financial companies access global company and see the negative report. In these cases, employees and retirees can obtain a car loan through the payroll or retirement loan (also known as transfer of the fifth or delegation of payment). Thanks to this type of car loan for those who have a global company report, and its particular method of repaying installments, the financial companies have more guarantees, and therefore grant the car loan even in the presence of a global company report.

Dealerships in general do not have this type of product as the dealers only offer consumer loans tied to the vehicle. The payroll loan, on the other hand, is a non-finalized car loan, therefore not tied to the vehicle, and is the only loan that can be obtained with a global company report.

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